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You can download Qixite from this section.

Technology preview builds should be placed here somwhere around the first week of each month. As this program is still in the development stage we do not recomend creating production web sites. This statement will remain true until we release the Qixite version 1.0 which is planned some time later this year (OK, I know I've said it last year already, but I really promise it this year).

Installation Notes on Windows

All the required libraries are included into setup therefore you just run install and that's it, you can use program.

Installation Notes on RPM based Linux

Short procedure:
1. rpm -Uvh qixite*
2. sqixite
How to start program:
If you are installing Qixite under RedHat you should find Qixite under the Applications menu in your KDE and GNOME menus. Otherwise you can start qixite by typing 'sqixite' on command line.
Required Libs:
- kylixlibs3-borqt
- libxml2 (you are most likely to have this one already installed)
- libxslt (you are quite likely to have this one already installed)

Installation Notes on Debian based Linux distributions

Short procedure:
1. dpkg --install qixite*.deb
2. sqixite
You should be able to access qixite from your window manager menu Apps -> Net -> Qixite
Required Libs:
- libxml2
- libxslt1
- kylixlibs3

Installation Notes on other Linux distributions

Download bziped binaries and execute the following command:
# tar -xjvf qixite-[version].tar.bz2
This should place the files into the corresponding directories... You will also require Kylix 3 OE libraries.
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