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2002 - 2003 Apr

2003 Apr 30
- Updated Spanish (Colombian) translation
- Languages are now identified by locale codes (this is interesting to devlopers and translators only)
2003 Apr 29
- Updated tutorial uploaded (it was updated by Lau)
2003 Apr 02
- New developer (Cimarron Taylor) has joined the project
- New skin for small screen devices has been created
2003 Mar 11
- Qixite released. It fixes a "Drive c: not found" problem on MS Windows 95/98.
- Work in progress: Possibility to undo operation 'delete node'.
2003 Mar 04
- Fixing file openning problems on Windows 95 and Windows 98. I am going to release Qixite version soon, which will work correctly on all Windows platforms.
- Duplicate file name checking for HTMLPage node is now done in case insensitive way.
2003 Mar 03
- Default image alignment added (not released yet)
2003 Feb 28
- Qixite 0.0.8 released.
2003 Jan 31
- Updated web site, added new site to the list of web sites built with Qixite.
2003 Jan 27
- More work on external editing done.
- Couple of GUI elements updated for localization.
2003 Jan 22
- Started working on editing the article containing HTML Code contents in the external editor in order to allow the WYSIWYG editing.
- Integrated the French translations. Thanks to Arrabie Cedric aka Pepper.
2003 Jan 19
- Page modification time is updated if any of its subnodes are modifed.
2003 Jan 13
- Information about Qixite translator is published here Qixite -> Documentation -> Developer Docs -> UI Translation
2003 Jan 02
- Qixite version 0.0.7 for Windows had a bug, which displayed error message after each "drag and drop" (this affect Windows version only), therefore Qixite (Win version only) has been released.
2002 Dec 31
- Qixite version 0.0.7 has been released.
Main changes since 0.0.6:
- Partial French, Portuguese, Spanish and Lithuanian translations.
- It allows to edit colors and fonts for the default template.
- A bug where '&' symbol contained in the article text could corrupt the qxt file.
- A lot of minor bug fixes and enahancements.
2002 Dec 28
- Qixite Translator application created in order to aid translation of Qixite to other languages. (Not released yet)
2002 Dec 25
- Tutorial translated to Lithuanian language
2002 Dec 22
- Default template now contains additional menu set for web pages that are at the same level as the current page. (commited to CVS, but not released yet)
- Default template now contains possibility to add arbitrary HTML code at the very top of each page, this can be used for addig banners. (commited to CVS, but not released yet)
2002 Nov 09
- Qixite translated to Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Colombia). Thanks to Arrabie Cedric aka Pepper.
(commited to CVS, but not released yet)
- I, brovienas, am working on qixite template editing interface.
2002 Nov 03
- Qixite translated to Spanish. Thanks to Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas. (commited to CVS, not released yet)
2002 Oct 30
- Qixite translated to French (commited to CVS, not released yet). Thanks to Arrabie Cedric aka Pepper.
- New screenshots
- Kylixlibs package for RedHat is now fixed (it was corrupted before)
- Updated development status page to include ideas suggested by other people
- Qixite might become a part of Gentoo Linux distribution thanks to José Alberto Suárez López
2002 Oct 21
- Qixite 0.0.6 released
2002 Jul 22
- It appears that we have a commercial competitor - a program called CityDesk.
2002 Jul 22
- Qixite 0.0.5 released
- I am in process of changing licence which is applied to Qixite templates from Qixite Open Template Licence to Q Public Licence (QPL)

2003 May - 2004 Jan

2004 Jan 23
- Couple more sites are listed using Qixite.
- I am working on some minor improvements and adding possibility to specify the logo to be displayed on page.
2003 Oct 08
- Qixite 0.0.11 released.
* It is now possible to insert a site element before the selected one. It was was before only possible to append a new element as a child of the selected element.
* Fixed styles parsing.
2003 Oct 05
- Qixite 0.0.10 appears to have broken style handling, Qixite 0.0.11 is to be released soon.
2003 Sep 28
- Qixite 0.0.10 released
* You can now add tables to your web sites.
* You can now specify custom parameters to each web site element
2003 Jul 11
- One more Qixite user reported about his web site...
2003 Jun 15
- Features in development:
* Possibility to change "You are here" string by specifying a site wide variable
* Possibility to set additional attributes to each node.
2003 May 31
- Qixite 0.0.9 released
2003 May 28
- Qixite Site Wide variables are now saved as Variable nodes
- DOCTYPE of the files generated by Qixite is now set to HTML 4.01 Transitional
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