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Currently supported nodes are the following:
- HTML Page
- Text Section
- Link
- Image
- Table of Contents
- Table
Documentation is not very extensive at the moment - just a tutorial and some docs on this web site.

To do

[*] Easy installation of other templates
[*] Translation of Qixite using xml data, not constants (in progress)
[*] (Windows version only) Sometimes Qixite crashes when richtext (formatted) is copied to it from external applications,
[*] Qixite node focus problems (Windows only?)
[*] Add special node type for headers and footers. In these special pages you could chose an image or a text or html code that appers in the top or in the bottom of all pages in the site.
[*] Image galleries
[*] All possible image alignments should be provided, not only left, right and default.
[*] Check for duplicate site wide variable names
[*] Add select all (Ctrl + A) feature to text section and html page
[*] Fix problem with path which is set just after loading the .qxt file
[*] Add banner nodes
[*] Create a directory if directory does not yet exist
[*] Generate dowloadable documentation
[*] The 'discard changes' dialog should be displayed only if qxt file was modified.
[+] Pick up templates from several directories, so that it is easier to install other templates
[+] Logo
[+] On Windows Table does not handle non-latin symbols well
[+] Add table support
[+] Import HTML files.
[+] Add posibility to use an external editor (vim, Amaya, Mozilla)
[+] Last modified date should propagate up the Qixite tree until web page is reached, ie if we modify link which is contained in a text section which in its turn is contained in html page, all 3 should be updated.
[+] Implement dialog for default template modification (colors, fonts, images)
[+] Default extension is not set for exported qcs files.
[-] Create registration form
[-] Add directory support
[-] Add support for adding other Qixite files as part of site tree (i.e. so that few people could work simultaneously on different sections of web site. I believe this could help acceptance of Qixite in organizations).
[-] a minimal htmleditor or similar for creation of tables, lists, and formatted text
[-] ftp upload
[-] posibility to save all files (.qxt, .jpg, .html, ) into a .tar.bz2
[-] posibility of work directly with .tar.bz2
[-] integrate spell checker

To do Map

[*] - do it as soon as possible
[-] - do it later
[+] - done

CVS status

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