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Qixite is a program for creating web sites. User just has to worry about information and structure of site, Qixite will do all the rest.
This is a very short description of what Qixite does:
- generates a set of HTML pages with the links between them.
- generates a site map for your web site.
Qixite uses predefined templates for site generation, but if you know XSL you can create your own templates or edit the ones that come with the program.


2004 Dec 30
- Qixite 0.0.15 released
2004 Oct 07
- A new web site has been created with Qixite - http://www.web-play-3d.de
2004 Apr 04
- It will be possible to specify option "-lt" on the command line, so that required environment variables are set correctly when running Qixite with Lithuanian language settings. This would allow to display special Lithuanian characters in Qixite menus correctly.
2004 Mar 25
- It will be possible to generate RSS news feeds in the next version of Qixite
2004 Mar 10
- New version of Qixite has been released
- A new web site has been created with Qixite - http://www.webappx.org/
2004 Feb 14
- I am going to release a new version of Qixite soon.
2004 Feb 01
- Qixite community has been created on Orkut.com.

Additional Services

For additional fee we can provide you with:
- personalized templates for your web pages.
- live online consultations.

Technologies Used

Qixite is written using Borland Kylix 3 Open Edition.
Qixite is compiled with Borland Delphi 7 on Windows.
Program heavily relies on XML and XSL.

Users Say

I have to say thanks for making Qixite. I found it extremely useful. With my limited HTML coding skills Qixite was a blessing. I read about
Qixite in a British publication called "Linux Format" about two months ago. I decided to give it a try and apparantely it has solved many issues with my personal web site creation.
I find that Qixite solves one of the worst problems concerning html-pages: maintaining navigation !!
Pranshu Jain:
Qixite is the only CM [content management] tool which I think is easy enough for someone to make a personal website.

Reviews and Awards

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