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Qixite 0.0.7 allows you to edit stylesheet associated with the default template. What does this mean to you? This means that each web site you maintain using qixite looks different, even if you do not know how to edit cascading style sheets (CSS).

How to edit default template style?

In order to start editing the default template style you should do the following:
1. Go to menu 'View'
2. Go to menu 'Site Color Scheme'
3. Expand node 'css_styles_main' (to be updated)
4. Click on the item you want to edit
5. On the right side of window edit the attributes associated with the item

Can I set the same style for another web site?

If you have modified the default template style, you can export it to separate file and later import it into another web site.
1 Export style scheme
1.1. Choose menu 'View'
1.2. Choose menu 'Site Color Scheme'
1.3. On the Style editing window choose menu 'Style Scheme'
1.4. Choose menu 'Export'
1.5. Save the style scheme into new file
2. Import style scheme
2.1. Choose menu 'View'
2.2. Choose menu 'Site Color Scheme'
2.3. On the Style editing window choose menu 'Style Scheme'
2.4. Choose menu 'Load'
1.5. Load the style scheme from the file you have created during the step 1.5

How to reset the style scheme to default?

1. Choose menu 'View'
2. Choose menu 'Site Color Scheme'
3. On the Style Editing window choose menu 'Style Scheme'
4. Choose menu 'Reset to Default'
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