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Qixite (version >= 0.0.14) can now generate RSS news feeds.

Enable RSS generation for the site

1. Select menu View -> Site options
2. Choose "General Settings" tab in the "Site Settings" window.
3. Check the "Generate news feed" check box.

Mark items to be included in RSS

Any page or text section can be included in the generated RSS. By default all of them are excluded. To include the page or text section in RSS just check the "Include in the news feed" check box on the desired page or text section.

Limit number of items generated in RSS

By default, all the items which are marked for inclusion in RSS will be added to the generated RSS file. To limit the number of items in the RSS file you have to set the Site Wide Variable "RssLimit" to the desired integer value.
To do that follow these steps:
1. Slect menu: View -> Site options
2. Choose tab "Variables" on "Site Settings" window
3. Set the field "Variable name" to "RssLimit"
4. Set the field "Variable value" to the desired value (eg. 15)
5. Click the "Add Variable" button
Only the 15 (or whatever number you have specified) most recently updated pages or text sections will be included in the generated RSS files.

Generated file

The generated file is named qixite.rss and is located in the directory where other generated files are stored.
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