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Qixite allows you to edit HTML code in external editor.
You can use almost any external editor to edit your text. You can use it either for editing text in your favourite text editor or you can edit it in WYSIWYG HTML editor.
Your editor must support UTF-8 encoding if you are working with multilingual data.
This feature can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button on the article field ir HTML Page or Text Section node and choosing a pop-up menu item Edit in External Editor.
In order to use external editor you have to set the external editor to use and the parameters to be passed to it.
External editor must contain full path to the executable program.
Parameters must contain a placeholder %f in the place where file name have to be specified on the command line in order to open that file.


- WYSIWYG editing.
- Possibility to use your favourite editor.


- After you have edited the text with external WYSIWYG editor it becomes difficult to edit that text without one
- Starting of external program takes some additional time and slows down the development
- It is impossible to forbid certain actions that the editor can perform therefore you can end up with the document that cannot be imported back into Qixite.


You have to specify 2 things in order to use the external editor:
- the program to be used
- parameters to be passed to the program
Program - is the full path to the program to be executed.
Parameters - is the string containing the parameters to be passed to the program containing "%f" as a place holder for the file name.

How it works

- Qixite generates a temporary HTML file using the text of Text Section or text of HTML Page
- The external editor is started ant it opens the temporary HTML file
- As soon as external editor exits the HTML headers are removed from the file and text is imported back into Qixite.

Linux Examples

Editor = /usr/bin/mozilla
Parameters = -edit %f

Windows Examples

TODO: provide sample settings

Using external editing feature

  1. In order to invoke external editor you have to create a page or a text section.
  2. Then you have to choose that the text is HTML Code
  3. Right click the text area and choose a menu External editing
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